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Trivium Vocabulary Words

Pertaining to reasoning that draws conclusions from generalizations.
Sentences that are incomprehensible or whose key terms do not correspond
A single declaration or report of facts or opinions. This term is often used interchangeably with the term "statement."
Sentences that raise an issue
A reasoning prices through which a person arrives at new information through the implications of other axioms, postulates, or observed examples.
The branch of logic pioneered by Aristotle that deals primarily with categories of things.
A right understanding of reality.
Expressions of feelings or belief.
Words or phrases, such as "therefore", "thus", "so", "it follows that,", and "in conclusion," that indicate that the conclusion is about to follow.
Verbal expressions such as "Good grief!" and "Terrific!" which are indications of strong emotion, such as surprise, anger, or happiness.
The term in a proposition that follows the verb and renames or describes the subject.
Theories or hypotheses that are formed on the basis of perceived patterns in a variety of examples.
One of the two branches in the study of logic centering on the form of an argument
Facts used to support
A word or phrase that represents a class of related things.
The likelihood of something happening
Relating to reasoning that argues by inference from a priori truths
An incorrect understanding of reality.
The recognition and naming or classification of an object or concept.
The term in a proposition about with the proposition is written. It is the first noun term in the proposition.
Words or phrases, such as "since," "because," "for the reasons," and "it follows from" that indicate that the premises are about to follow.
Logic name for being verb.
Verbal statements that instruct someone.
One of the two branches in the study of logic.
Verbal expressions of welcome.
A sign or figure used to represent a word or concept.