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Full Orchestra Instruments Crossword

Teacher: Jonel Lauver
A percussion instrument consisting of a small drumhead with jingling disks fitted into the rim, usually played by shaking and striking with the hand.
The largest drum of the orchestra
A soprano-range, double-reed, woodwind
The smallest bowed, string orchestra instrument
Percussion instruments made of thin, round plates that are struck together.
A percussion instrument that consists of a steel triangle, open at one corner, that is struck with a steel rod.
An instrument slightly larger than the violin that has a deeper, lower sound
A musical instrument with a keyboard and metal plates struck by hammers that produce bell-like tones.
A barred percussion instrument that has a fan-like contraption to make the sound vibrate
Large metal hanging tubes
A percussion instrument made of metal tubes or bars
A percussion instrument consisting of a pair of slightly concave shells held in the palm of the hand by a connecting cord over the thumb and clapped together with the fingers.
A musical instrument with a manual keyboard actuating hammers that strike wire strings
A large, double-reed, woodwind instrument
A drum that looks like a large cauldron with a cover on it
A brass instrument with a tube that is bent twice in a U shape, usually equipped with a slide.
A small double-headed drum carried at the side with snares that produce a rattling effect
A bowed, string orchestra instrument larger than viola but smaller than bass
A brass wind instrument with a long, coiled tube having a conical bore and a flaring bell.
A percussion instrument that is similar to a gong.
A hollow block of wood struck with a drumstick to produce percussive effects in an orchestra.
A brass instrument with three valves
A large round metal disc that is struck in the center by a mallet
A woodwind instrument played by blowing air through a hole.
A small flute pitched an octave above a regular flute
A multi-string instrument plucked or strummed with the fingers of both hands
A woodwind instrument having a straight cylindrical tube with a flaring bell and a single-reed mouthpiece
The largest and lowest-pitched brass instrument
A percussion instrument composed of steel bars that are struck with hammers.
A percussion instrument consisting of a mounted row of wooden bars that are played with two small mallets.
Largest and lowest pitched bowed, string orchestra instrument
A wind instrument of the trumpet class, having three valves operated by pistons.
A small double-headed drum having one or more wires or cords stretched across the bottom head to increase reverberation. Also called side drum.
The tenor member of the cornet family.