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Jeffrey's chemistry crossword

The egg is boiled and it can't be changed back to it's original state it's called _______
The ice can be reversible by freezing, it is called________
Chocolate stands in a high temperature, it's ________ is a liquid
The ship wreck metal reacts with oxygen to make__________
The copper is a ________ because it can't be changed into anything simpler
The water is a ____________ because it contains one kind of particle
The salad dressing oil is a ________________ with one layer of oil and vinegar.
Because the boiled egg is irreversible by freezing it's called_____________
The water is a ___________because it contains 2 or more element.
Because the substance of salt-water contains more than 1 types of particles is called___________
The gasoline reacts with oxygen and it catches on flames, it's called__________
Because berries have mass and volume, it's called a____________
The substance of ice is melting and it can be reversed to it's original state, it is called_________
The water occupies the space of the container it's called a_____________
The brick had a ______ of 1kg
The gasoline reacts with oxygen and it catches on flames it's called_________
The sugar is dissovable in water so it's called solubility