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Latin Root: tendere

To get or hold something. (verb) Sentence: I am going to _________ a new pair of shoes.
A word that describes something that is full, complete or stretched out (adjective) Sentence: The dessert menu at the restaurant included an _______ list.
The act of keeping things up or holding them together. (noun) Sentence: Apple Genuis Bar does _________ on broken computers.
To hold up or keep working (verb + object) Sentence: If you are buried alive, you do not have enough oxygen to _____ life.
To cause something to straighten or stretch out (verb) Sentence: A bear can ____ their claws.
To get back or keep or hold something that was almost lost (verb) Sentence: Even though she is old, she can still ____ her memories of her youth. The bully tried to make me angry, so I tried to ____ my calm.
The act of keeping or remembering something (noun) Sentence: I have problems with the ________ of math equations
Someone who rents or holds a space for the true owner (noun). Sentence: The upstairs ________ in our apartment building is really loud.
To hold or keep (verb) Sentence: I __________ my weight by exercising every day.