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APUSH Ch. 9 terms review - Art. of Confederation

The principle upon which the Constitution would separate branches and powers/responsibilities
Written by Hamilton, Jay and Madison to convince people to create a strong central government
Theory that the consent to be governed comes from the people -- but using representatives, not thru direct democracy
Largest populations would have the most representation
Former continental officers created this "elite" group
Lack of a strong government, no stability, chaos
A two-level government, state and national with states yielding some of their sovereignty to the central government
Compromise creating a bi-cameral legislature combing representation evenly, AND by population
In addition to being a Broadway star, he was a powerful statesman and instrumental in creating the Constitutional Convention
Counted slaves as only partially a person
Sovereign states, acting in only a firm league of friendship
Series of laws dividing the land of the Old Northwest and providing a blue-print for making states out of territory
System meant to provide for educated elite to actually choose the president
His rebellion helped lead the states to abandon the Articles of Confederation
Term defining the fear that the nation might come to be ruled by a mob