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Geometry Basics

Congruent angles that are across from each other on intersecting lines.
A line, ray, or segment that divides an angle or segment into two equal parts.
Two lines that intersect at a 90 degree angle.
The intersection of two rays at a common endpoint.
Two angles with measures that have a sum of 90.
Two angles that share a common vertex and side.
A location with no size or shape.
Points that lie on the same line.
A measurable part of a line consisting of two endpoints.
Made up of points with no thickness or width; extends indefinitely in both directions.
Two angles with measures that have a sum of 180.
A flat surface made up of points that extends indefinitely in all directions.
Adjacent angles that are supplementary.(2 words)
A line that extends indefinitely in one direction.
Points that lie on the same plane.