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Per 7: Biological Macromolecules

Long chain of bonded monomer building blocks
Number of valence electrons Carbon has
Monomer of proteins
Macromolecule/polymer used by the body for energy and structural support
Type of nucleic acid with carries all the instructions for life
ATP gives this to the cell, allowing it to perform its functions
Type of fatty acid with three chains of glycerides
Backbone element of living things
Made up of two monomers
Simple sugar
Protein subgroup made of NH2
Combines with oxygen to form water
Macromolecule made up of nucleotides forming DNA and RNA
Important in forming ATP, energy of the cell
Macromolecule/polymer made of amino acids for building new cells, growth, and repair
Large chains of monomers; synonym: polymer
Protein subgroup made of COOH
Monomer of nucleic acids
Monomer of carbohydrates
Single unit building block of a polymer or macromolecule
Makes up 78% of the atmosphere; needed to make proteins
Energy used by cells
Macromolecules that have more carbon and hydrogen than oxygen; found in cell membrane
Ribonucleic acid
Combines with hydrogen to form water