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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Name of Auburn street where Mary grew up
'cause ER probably unable to get in here
But Pete prefers this Jap. car company
What make is Laura's car
Which team Pete supports
Town Laura lived in on lake
Ed's hometown
Aunt Sue's aerobic sport
What Eric & Peter & Will love
Grandparents' alma mater
Mary's sorority
Name of Hemingway's first pony
Car company Aunt Sue loves
What we do in morn and Laura's college
Where Ed & Mary met
FORD car grandfather drove
Who drives when L&P travel
Hobby Sue and Pete/Laura enjoy
Peter first thought he wanted to be a ____
Willet's RC college
Mar majored in this subject
Mar's party school alma mater
Mary's first car
Even tho she studied this, can Laura figure out Pete
Eric so loved _______
Why Pete turns on TV in fall
Both Mary and Sue studied here
Sport Sue hopes to do with Peter
Ed's fraternity
Color Mary's 1st car