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History and Culture of Europe

Were enslaved by the Europeans
Christian place of worship
What Europeans wanted to spread to the new world
Founder of Christianity
Europe, Africa, and Asia
Holy book of Judaism
One of the countries that gained the most land after the Berlin Conference
Holy book of Christianity
Founder of Judaism
Jewish place of worship
The swapping of goods, people, ideas, crops, animals, and diseases between the Old and New Worlds
English, German, and Dutch all belong to this Indo-European language subgroup
Italian, Spanish, and French all belong to this Indo-European language subgroup
Meeting of European empires to divide up Africa into colonies
Name for a follower of Islam
Were killed by the European diseases
Founder of Islam
Important holiday in Christianity
The Americas
Important holiday in Islam
Important holiday in Judaism
European land grab to make colonies in Africa
Hold book of Islam
People who occupied the Americas before Europeans
Deadliest "weapon" against Native Americans; killed 80-90%
Belief in one god
Europeans created these in the lands they conquered; territory controlled by another country for profit
Russian and Ukrainian belong to this Indo-European language subgroup
Muslim place of worship
Name for a follower of Judaism