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Vocabulary Quiz

Two numbers multiplied to get a product
Answer to a multiplication problem
Shows satisfaction not wanting to improve
Disagreement between two or more people
Always, never, every
All numbers that are not prime
Bringing up past conflict
Quality of being very determined
Not listening, not dealing with it
Long term memory
Red, yellow, blue
Count by's
Teacher of the best class in Meadowridge
Answer to a division problem
Faultless, highest standard of
Thinking, reasoning part of the brain
Attacking a persons personality
Quality of being honest, having strong moral values, upright
Person who supports a particular cause publicly
Orange, violet, green
A specific person, place or thing
Guard of the brain
Name calling, accusing, shouting, threatening
Way to focus and be able to think clearly
Very poor quality extremely unpleasant
A part something has to have in order to be
Whole number that can only be divided by itself and one with no remainders
Reticular activating system