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6th Grade: Chapter 1


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Divine ___ is the process by which God makes Himself known to us
The first five books of the Bible; makes up the Hebrew Torah
Poems and prayers that can be sung (Psalms)
Daughter-in-law of Naomi, who took her to Judah where she married Boaz and became an ancestor of King David. Famous quote: "wherever you go I will go."
Divine Reading; reflective reading of Scripture that leads us to prayer
Stories that have been expanded by Biblical writers to teach certain truths about God (Ruth)
Sacred ___ is the Word of God written by humans, acting under the Holy Spirit's inspiration and guidance; the Bible
Sacred ___ is God 's Word to the Church handed down verbally through the Apostles and Bishops; the Creeds, Sacraments and teachings of the Church
Accounts written to reveal God's activity in the world (Chronicles, Kings, Acts)
Poems and prayers that can be sung
___ stories show how virtuous people lived according to God's law
___ tradition is the first stage of Sacred Scripture, before people wrote down the stories they told about God and His people.
The human authors of the Bible were ___ by God.
The Word of God made flesh in Jesus Christ
Literature that describes the destruction of evil and the coming of God's reign (Revelation)
Saint Teresa of ___ was a Carmelite nun who dedicated herself to reading and living by the Scriptures.
Messages addressed to early Christians by the Apostles and their followers (Romans, Timothy, Galatians)
Stories told to answer a question or illustrate a point (Prodigal Son)