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Economics Chapter 3

Teacher: Webster's World
All money received by selling something
The freedom to ______________ means people and business can own land and personal property.
One who buys and uses products
All costs involved in making something to sell.
The freedom to _____________ means businesses can own land and property and can operate without much government control.
When the total cost of doing business is greater than the total revenue
The cost of doing business.
Unfair treatment because of a person's race, gender, religion, age, or physical condition
The act of giving another person something and getting something back.
Owner of one of the most profit business in US and great contributor to schools and libraries.
A cost that changes
A cost that stays the same no matter how much business is done.
The freedom to ______________ means people can choose the things they want.
A name for the American style of economy; same as capitalist or market economy.
To release a worker because there is no longer work or no longer money to pay the worker.
The freedom to _____________ means that people are free to make agreements with others, and to decide where and when to work, and to change jobs.