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Division 3 (9/30/2017)

Western tent area is a 24-hour _________ zone.
Always follow chain of _________.
Best drink for hydration.
Staff sleep in ______________style structures.
Number of warnings a guest may receive before expulsion from shelter.
Goal for the day listed on IAP.
Brand of radios.
Who do you go to with questions?
Set of linens and towels for guest.
Word hand-written on Shuert box in northwest corner of Bay 4.
Case Management
Personal Assistance Services
Use correct radio _________.
Continue to ensure the __________, safety and well-being of shelter guests.
Emergency Medical Services
Mobile __________ Unit
Confirm or unconfirm.
Color of guests' wristbands.
Use when forklifts and trucks are backing up.
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Document distributed each morning summarizing activities of the previous day.
Medical emergency response "jump" bags are red and ________.
Incident Management _________
A-Shift Div. 3 Sup. last name
Name of street Div. 3 is located. (2 words)
To remove resources and assets from an operation.
Signage on dashboard of vans
Incorrectly completed timesheets can affect your ____________.
Incident Commander