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Adjectives - Español

Damia Gilbert
Teacher: Mrs. Deshotels      SPANISH 1 
Period:4  Date:10/4/17
I order a grande latte when I go to Starbucks.
I am bored.
Some people are unfriendly.
I want good grades this quarter.
The Discovery Channel is interesting.
Grades are serious.
I don't have any friends with Ginger hair,
Im ambitious.
That is really ugly.
My dad thinks he is funny.
Tomatoes have a bad taste.
When I was little, i used to go to Disney World.
Balloons fly very high.
Math is a difficult subject for me.
My teachers are very nice.
The sky is beautiful.
My friend is really funny.
Bob is handsome.
My class is very intelligent.
My mom tells me that I am lazy.
We all wish we could stay young.
The floor is low.
My friend Brooke has long hair.
Cooking is easy.
My friends mom has brown hair.