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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Morality, Religion and the Law: War

Teacher: Cassidy
The extermination of a similar group of people
And war should only be used in _______
What gas is illegal in war?
What number of Beatitude was mentioned?
Conflict with armed forces
The disorder that many veterans suffer from
Since when have humans been involved?
Killing is a ______ sin
People directly involved in the war
We are called to come together as a ______ _____
War affects people ________ and personally
War is a _____
The main cause of WWII was the Treaty of _________
The set of Catholic war regulations
The Crimes Against ________ and War Crimes Act
Which commandment states we shouldn't kill?
"Blessed are the ____________"
What is the greater goal?
War should only be used to stop ____
Another illegal weapon is ______ bombs
We need to try and settle issues __________
It personally hurts people emotionally and _________
What happened to Adolf Hitler in 1945?
Right and wrong
Basic conflict is ______
We should protect human _____