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The Odyssey Vocabulary 1-20

The father was not about to ___his children in their time of need.
The teacher was ___ by the blatant, rampant cheating by his students.
As the man tried to work out his difficulties, a busy-body ___ jumped in and made matters worse.
She did not ___ the money spent on her child’s education.
My husband tried to ____me after our fight by bringing home a dozen roses.
The loss of the pet she had all her life made the girl ___.
Her absence after the theft was ___, leading people to wonder if she was the culprit.
She ___ the death of her father loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.
Rather than search for a job, Jimmy chooses to live as a ___ who panhandles his way through each day.
I will try to ___some of the important changes in the tax code.
His ___for the revolution cooled off during the course of the seemingly interminable war.
My early arrival at the concert was ___ because I was able to get a front row seat.
With this ___ rainfall, we might get flooded out.
We sometimes allow ourselves to be ___by flatterers.
By getting drunk and dancing on table tops, Sarah displayed ___ behavior at the party.
Her ___behavior left no doubts as to her integrity.
There, in the eerie alley, lay an ___ body of a man in his late 40's.
She was ___ by his familiarity, considering the use of her first name inappropriate.
No matter how much others may ___ you, I am still your friend.
The judge’s only ____to the probation was that the defendant complete one hundred hours of community service.