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PART 5;Chapter 21- Reading Critically

The focal point of your study
If you need to select your own sources, start with advice from such a person
Your reading becomes this when you have taken into account all the major perspectives on the issue under consideration
They want truth, not distortions of reality
Involves zooming in to assess arguments and language and zooming out to take the bigger picture
Step used to find out if the text is worth reading
This style of reading can mean skipping key points
This Is essential for remembering the main points while reading
Saves time which can be spent on careful assessment of central arguments
It Is the secret to active, critical reading
Takes minutes and helps you to keep your voice, the original part of your work, intact.
This is done to help form new opinions and arguments , rather than as confirmation of what you already think
In key texts, always do this
It saves time which can be spent on close reading
Some are long while some are short
It Keeps one engaged
Writes to communicate their ideas to their readers