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PART 6;Chapter 23 - Writing Critically

Reading between the lines
Bringing together everything you've read
It is the most common complaint made by tutors about students writing
Shown by the ability to recall, repeat, memorize and reproduce
Comes after analysis and evaluation
Your stance for habits of thought
The highest level of critical thinking
It states what a theory or idea is
Restates the argument, recapping the reasons you arrived at your stance
So often begins with you didn't fully address the question
Shows the breadth of your reading and the depth of your understanding
They set particular questions for a reason
To look out for The difference between descriptive writing and critical writing
Evaluates this theory or idea by examining its argument
They are the Foundations of critical thinking
To make a judgement on what you have read
You're expected to read a lot of texts at this institution
Invites tutor comments such as not enough evidence
Each is a necessary part of the thinking process
They Start simply and become increasingly demanding
These provide clues as to what you're supposed to do with the knowledge you encounter
Involves digging deep
Here, we have two extreme options
Has its place in academic writing
Your take on the specific assignment
Refers to noticing not only the words in front of us but what is not there
Your thinking on paper
Should be precise, reasoned and free of unfounded assumptions
Statistics, examples, and support from key academic sources to back up both claims and premises
This data needs to be examined just as carefully
Put a writer's ideas into your own words
One who delights in picking holes in arguments
One who is on guard for habits of thought
To scrutinize well and read between the lines