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Energy & Force and Motion Vocabulary

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Period # __________________________________
The measure of how far an object moves in a given amount of time.
A change is position over time.
A type of force that does not require the agent and receiver to touch.
The energy of motion
The rate at which velocity changes.
A type of force that requires the agent and receiver to actually touch.
A push or a pull
A state of forces where the net force is 0.
The speed of an object in a specific direction.
The tendency of all objects to resist any change in motion.
A state of forces where the net force is greater than 0.
The location of an object.
The ability to do work or cause change
Kinetic plus potential energy
The force of water or air pushing up against the mass of an object
A force of attraction between objects because of their mass.
Energy stored in an object due to its postion, condition or chemical compostition.
A quantity that has both size and direction.
Contact force caused by air or water.