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Orientation/Ongoing Competencies/Required Education

Leaders need to set _____ expectations and communicate them to employees.
This list is sent out with staff that are overdue for education.
Staff can find and register for classes here.
Verification method that the new employee demonstrates a set of skills to a competent observer. ______ of work
Ongoing competencies may include processes that are new, changed, high risk/low volume, or _________.
This orientation provides key information and training on department specific policies and proccesses.
One thing worse than training people and losing them; is NOT training them and _______ them.
This orientation welcomes and provides a positive first impression to the new employee that will introduce to the culture of the organization. Reivew of employee requirements & benefits.
List of ongoing competencies need to be sent to HR by Jan/Feb to be placed in __________.
An example of this type of verification is a completed form such as an MS Word document.
This orientation provides information and training on the duties and responsibilities for job. (2 words)
Guidelines for Required Education are found on the GRHS ________.
_______is not competency.
This orientation provides information on the organization's mission, vision & culture. Introduces org. wide policies & procedures.