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Halloween 2

In 835 the Catholic Chruch moved All______Day to November 1st. its name eventually gave us the Hallowe'en
Eostre was the Celtic goddess of the ____
The legendary figure, dressed in Lincoln green and armed with a longbow, who is an echo of the Green Man
The Green Man is linked with the ancient Celtic god of
A black cat was most well known as being a witches
The pre-Christian religions which celebrated the natural world
The process, begun by Pope Gregory I in 601, in which the Catholic Church began to sanctify, rather than destroy, pagan sacred sites
To the ancient Celts, Cernunnos was the god of ____
According to the Bible, he is the Prince of Darkness, later known as the Devil
The Celtic goddess who has given us the name for the Christian celebration which is held in springtime
The long-lived tree, sacred to the Celts, which is still to be found growing alongside Christian churches
Celtic celebration that took place on November 1st. and marked the beginning of their winter season
In 1486, the Church published Malleus Maleficarium or the _____ of Witches
To do with the moon for example the celebration of Easter or the animal
The process in which the Catholic Church began to portray pagans, and the old pagan gods, such as Pan as evil
The Roman name for Pan, contrast, in plant life flora
The ______ is the 1939 Hollywood movie which gave us the stereotype of witches as having a green complexion, warts, and a long nose, as well as a broomstick, and a pointed hat.
The evergreen plant, sacred tot he Celts as a symbol of fertility, which is we still use for kissing at Christmas
Pan was the ancient Greek god of ______
The ancient Celts believed that the day began at
The animal sacred to the Celts which is now the Easter mascot