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ACT: CHAPTER 8-The Art of Listening

An aroused impulse to propose and be responded to
When people bear witness to our experience, that validation is essential for sustaining the confirmation known as
Grasping what we're trying to say and showing it
Sometimes people appear to be listening but aren't
Listening nourishes our sense of
Empathic listening is like closely reading a poem, the difference is that it is
Comes from hope for a positive response
Friendship is voluntary and so talking about it is
Being heard means being taken
Unlike most of Roger's friends, Derek wasn't a competitive
A witness and not a judge of your experience
When you call your parents to share a triumph and they don't seem really interested you feel
It is so central to human existence as to often escape notice
Watching our parents listen to other people right in front of us can be
Excessive love for oneself and disregard for other's feeling is referred to as
When the conversation is one-sided,we could call it
Results from the fear of rejection or indifference
When people don't care about other people's emotions and feelings, we say they are being
To pay attention, take an interest and appreciate is to