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Geometry Module 2B

Name  ___________________________________

Class Period ____ Date ________________
The total area of the surfaces of a solid
A right prism with bases that are TRIANGULAR
A three dimensional figure with congruent polygonal bases
A right prism with bases that are RECTANGULAR
Half of a sphere bounded by a great circle
The shape created when a figure is cut by a plane
A polyhedron with a polygonal base and lateral faces that lead to an apex
A three dimensional figure with a single circular base leading to an apex
The area of all lateral faces of a solid (does not include the base(s))
A three dimensional figure with congruent circular bases
A cross-section of a sphere
A line segment with each endpoint on the sphere that passes through the center of the sphere
The line segment from the center of a polygon to the midpoint of a side
Any surface that is NOT a base (a side)
A line segment with one endpoint on the sphere and one endpoint at the center
The set of all points in space that are a given distance from a fixed point called the center