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How Do Birds' Eggs Get Their Shape?

..??.. flight affects the bird's organs. Strong fliers have smaller bellies. Their eggs are more long and pointy.
Vocabulary: (verb) past tense of lay; pushed an egg outside of the body
Vocabulary: (adj.) having a narrows end
Bird's bodies make the membrane first. That means the shape of the bird's organs plays an ..??.. role in the shape of its eggs.
Bird expert Mary Stoddard and her team of researchers published their findings in the journal ..??..
Stoddard's research ..??.. that flight ability plays the biggest role.
Right below an egg's shell is a ..??.. That is what shapes the shell.
They found that strong ..??.. , like swallows, have longer, pointy eggs.
Owls lay round eggs that look like ..??.. balls. (2 words)
Why are birds' eggs so different? That's a ..??.. that experts have been trying to answer for years.
Experts had a few ..??.. about why eggs came out looking different.
Vocabulary: (verb) cause a change in something
For ..??.., birds living on cliffs might have pointy eggs that are less likely to roll if they are bumped.
Vocabulary: (verb) was important
Vocabulary:( adj.) specific
Now one group might have found the answer. It has to do with ..??..
The eggs of ..??.. birds come in different sizes and shapes.