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Matter Vocabulary Assessment

the amount of matter in an object
a measure of the force of gravity on an object
amount of mass per volume
Any change that alters the form and appearance of matter but does not change the identity of the substance
the amount of space in an object
a pure substance made of two or more elements chemically combined
the ability of a substance to conduct heat
A measure of how well a solute can dissolve in a solvent
two or more substances not chemically combined
characteristic of a pure substance that can be observed without changing the identity of the substance
the part of a solution present in large amounts and that dissolves other substances
anything that has mass and takes up space
basic particle from which all elements are made, smallest unit an element can be divided into and still be that element
pure substance made of one type of atom
the term used to describe materials that can be pounded into sheets or shapes
property in which a substance can be pulled into wires
part of solution present in a lesser amount and that is dissolved