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Ms. Milner's Earth Science - Vocab 1

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Period: ________
What the "P" stands for in P Wave.
The denser plate goes under the less dense plate.
Pertaining to the structure of the Earth's crust, or forces affecting it. Often has the word "plate" after it.
A type of boundary where the plates slide against each other.
Also known as the plastic mantle.
A sudden and violent shaking of the ground.
The point on the Earth's surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake.
A large wave caused by an earthquake.
The continents formed this land before the great continental drift.
A type of boundary where the plates come together head on.
A type of boundary where the plates spread apart.
Made up of the crust and rigid mantle.
What the "S" stands for in Secondary Wave.
The innermost layer of the Earth.