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How to read the Bible

St. Jerome's translation of the Bible into Latin.(390 A.D.)
The sacred and literary language of the Isrealites / Jews; most of the OT was written in it.
Lack of error.
A story that gives the cause of something.
They include the earliest manuscript copies of some of the Old and New Testament books.
Common Greek, spoken in the Roman Empire in the 1st century AD.
An inspired utterance made by a prophet, which expresses God's will.
A rule of conduct or standard of behavior established by proper authority, society or custom.
Became the common spoken language in the Roman Empire.
Refers to the realities and events that can be signified by the words; looks for the deeper meaning.
The entire New Testament was written in it.
The process used by scholars to discover the meaning of the Biblical text.
The common spoken language of the middle east; Jesus spoke it.
An extended comparison where many elements of a story stand for deeper realities.
Is a way of reading the Bible which takes into account the author intended to conveys using literary Forms.