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5th Grade CH 2 Test Review Sheet

The people who started their own churches and kept apart from the Church of England.
Who set foot on an island in the Americas in 1492?
Who was the chief of several woodland tribes in the Chesapeake Bay area?
A Patuxet Indian taught Pilgrims to grow food in this colony.
Which colony set up a congregational church government?
An invention that allowed sailors to know which direction they were sailing
The English founded the colony but many of the colonists would not work.
To pay for their passage to the New World many people became indentured ____________.
Who governed New Netherland?
A tool invented by the Arabs that sailors used to determine their location
He declared that Indians were humans with souls.
The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who wanted the community to be a model of Christian love.
Who wrote about the treatment of the American Indians?
The people who wanted to change the Church of England by removing the false teachings and practices but staying in the church.
Who made the colonists at Jamestown work in the fields?
The first person to sail from Europe to India.
A group of traders who travel together to trade and sell their goods
This is what Columbus persuaded his men to do when they became restless.
Who explored the coast of Africa for Portugal?