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Geometry Crossword Project

The set of all points
Greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees
Flat surface that extends in all directions
Transformation about a point that does not change the figure
Movement across the plane
Two angles that add up to 180 degrees
Less than 90 degrees
Cuts line segment AB in two equal parts
Equal to 90 degrees
An enlargement or reduction of a figure
Point of a line with one end point and extend in one direction
Have common vertex when two lines intersect, and always congruent
Series of points that extends in opposite direction
A line that splits an angle in to two equal parts
Two segments with the same length
Accepted statement of fact
Part of a line consisting of two end points
Do not lie on the same plane
Fraction of the length of a circle
Something that has location
Two angles that add to 90 degrees
Two angles that have a common vertex and side
Two lines to form a right angle
Measures 180 degrees and changes direction to point the opposite way
Points and lines on the same plane
Co-Planar lines that do not intersect
Move points in the same direction and distance
Two rays with the same end point