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World Geography

World Geography
The angular distance north or south of the equator, measured in degrees, along a meridian, as on a globe or map.
A relative place using directions or landmarks.
New land made by draining lakes and flooded areas
The average weather for an area.
Desert located on the west coast of Latin America
The science of making maps
Landmarks or natural geography
These were carved out by glaciers
The process of being covered by glaciers or ice.
Man made waterway in Central America.
Worlds largest rainforest.
Forms part of the border between the US and Mexico
Temperate grasslands in Argentina
A convection system near the equator
Winds from west to the east
A central place and the surrounding area linked to it
Number of deaths per year per every 1,000 people
Makes storms swirl clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the northern.
The number of births per year per every 1,000 people
How you judge distance on a map.
Dutch built these to hold back waters
The average number of people living on a sq. mile.
Early centers of civilization.
A half of the Earth using the equator or the Prime Meridian.
A small flat plain on top of the andes.
A group of living organisms.
A ring of mountains and volcanoes underwater in the pacific ocean.
Dutch built these to hold back waters
Vast grasslands of Colombia and Venezuela