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Science Test 2 Study Guide

The kind of place where an animal prefers to live.
A mammal that lays eggs.
The ___________ of nature is the principle that God designed nature to be able to respond to change.
These babies must finished developing in a special pouch outside the mother's body, example (Wombat)
These mammals make up the largest group, example (Squirrel)
Mammal that chews the cud.
Mammals which each flesh.
A chimpanzee belongs to which group of mammals?
Mammals which feed mostly on insects.
Mammals which eat plants.
The padded cushion at the bottom of a horse's foot.
Animals that each other animals that have already died.
Special milk producing glands in female mammals.
Made out of solid bone.
The fastest land mammal on earth.
Found on whales and dolphins instead of fur.
An inherited behavior pattern.
The largest deer
The scientific name for dog, example (fox).
Active at night.
Animals with backbones.
Strong smelling substance produced by members of the weasel family.
Animal whose father and mother are of the same species.
These felines live in groups called prides.
Animals that life together in groups of the same kind are called ___________ animals.
A mammal is ____________ if it no longer exists.
The scientific name for cat, example (cougar)
This makes up almost all of the Giant Panda's diet.
Animals whose bodies are designed to maintain a fairly constant body temperature, regardless of the outside temperature are _____-blooded animals.
The only mammals that can fly.