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U.S. shifts to war & early battles of WWII

Another word for nuclear bomb
Led Americans during North Africa campaign called Operation Torch (last name)
"fighting spirit"
Person who purchases goods/services for personal use
Separating a person or group of people based on racial or ethnic membership
The ________ industry was uniquely suited to the mass production of military equipment such as tanks
Surprise attack
Chosen to serve in the military
Forced to evacuate the Philippines (last name)
The _______ Ship was the basic cargo ship during WWII and was welded rather than riveted
The War ______ Board was responsible for overseeing the conversion from consumer production to wartime production
The ____________ Death March was a forced 65 mile march to Japanese prison camps
____________ Carriers played a critical role in the Pacific Theater
Government agreed to pay a company the cost plus a guaranteed profit in _________ plus contracts
Thing that motivates or encourages one to do something
American soldiers prepared for war by going to ________ training before heading off to war
World War II soldiers were called "GIs" because their clothing bore the label "GI" meaning ____________ issued
The Battle of _________ was the turning point in the Pacific Theater
Person who has served in the military and especially one who has fought in war
The Battle of ________ was the turning point in the European Theater
The purpose of the __________ Raid was to raise the morale of America
The Battle of _______ Sea maintained safety of Australia
Fixed amount of goods allowed for each person
Great Britain and Germany had been battling in North Africa over control of the ________ Canal
The _______ Service and Training Act established the draft
After the Doolittle Raid the Japanese goal was to destroy the American _________
Union or association formed for mutual benefit
Stalin wanted a second _______ opened up to take pressure off of the Soviet Union