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Biology Ch 4-Cellular Processes

Requires an input of glucose and ATP.
Place where the Calvin phase of photosynthesis occurs.
The breakdown (energy-releasing) phase of metabolism.
A carbon dioxide acceptor.
Manufacture of an amino acid chain.
A process that does not use oxygen.
The molecule that delivers amino acids to the ribosomes is..
Remodeling process of the cell.
The DNA code is carried from the nucleus to the ribosomes by...
The man who discovered much of the information known about photosynthesis.
Requires an input of sunlight and water.
The phase of photosynthesis that splits water molecules.
When living things obtain energy for life processes from inorganic materials.
Another name for an organism that is a consumer.
Each messenger RNA codon codes for a(n)...
Special light-absorbing molecules.
Made of membranes that contain chlorophyll.
The breaking down of food to release energy.
The nitrogen-containing base that is found only in RNA.
Which is an example of an autotroph: cow, man, mushroom, oak tree?
The breakdown of glucose by enzyme action without the presence of oxygen.
The major products of photosynthesis.
A phosphorus-containing compound that stores energy.
The most important function of chlorophyll is to...
A nutritionally dependent organism.
Place where the entire process of photosynthesis occurs.
Which of the following cannot be recycled: water, energy, oxygen, carbon dioxide?
Sections of RNA cut out and NOT used in the formation of mRNA.
RNA pieces put together to form mRNA.