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Jehoshaphat Trusts God for Victory

2 Ch 20:21 The song was sung that said that the Lord's love lasted this long.
2 Ch 20:4 The people of Judah went to get help from the _________.
2 Ch 20:2 Some people told Jehoshaphat that a vast one of these was coming.
2 Ch 20:21 The king got men to _____ to the Lord and to praise him.
2 Ch 20:18 This king bowed down before the Lord.
2 Ch 20:12 Jehoshaphat said that he and his people would put these on the Lord. They are the part of the body that sees.
2 Ch 20:15 The prophet of the Lord told the people to not be _________ or discouraged.
2 Ch 20:26 This was the number of days it took to gather all the plunder that God gave his people.
2 Ch 20:28 God's people used these instruments to praise God. These are horns and were in addition to the harps and lyres.
2 Ch 20:30 God gave Jehoshaphat this on every side.
2 Ch 20:24 When it came to the enemies of God's people, no on had _____________.
2 Ch 20:9 Jehoshaphat said he and Judah would cry and the the Lord woul hear them and do this for them.