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Acoustics & Instruments

Instruments that are struck, shaken or scraped
The smallest instrument of the brass family
The smallest member of the string family
Used by the clarinet and saxophone to produce a sound
This non reed instrument is similar to the flute, only smaller
Membranophones and idiophones are menbers of this family
Brass players _______ their lips in order to produce a sound
Instruments who produce a sound by a vibrating head
The smallest double-reed woowind instrument
The piccolo, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone and basson are all members of this family
The human perception of sound
The highness or lowness of a sound
The loudness or softness of a sound
The family of instruments that produce a sound by the buzzing of the players lips
Used by the trombone to play different notes
The cello is a member of this family
Also known as "kettle drums" these large drums are an example of a definite pitch percussion instrument
The non-reed instrument of the woodwind family
The only brass instrument that does not use valves to play different notes
Instruments that use a vibrating string to produce a sound
Although it is a member of the woodwind family, this instrument is made of brass
Instruments who produce a sound by blowing into them
Although it has strings this instrument is a member of the percussion family
An indefinite pitch percussion instrument
The human receptors for sound