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Big G. Vocabulary Crossword

Two segments with the same measures
The length between two points
A Polygon with n sides
A Closed figure formed by a finite number of coplanar segments
Points that lie on the same plane
A Location in space
A Boundless, Three-dimensional set of points
Ray, lines or segments that form four right angles
A Straight arrangement of points
Angle who’s sum is 90 degrees
NNon-adjacent angles whose sides create opposite rays
The common endpoint
The point between two points
An angle less than 90 degrees
Another term for a ray
Two rays with the same endpoint but extend in opposite directions
An angle greater that 90 degrees
An angle of exactly 90 degrees
TThe distance around a circle
A Segment with two endpoints
A Set of points in space that are the same distance from a given point
The sum of all the sides on a polygon
Aangle who’s sum is 180 degrees
TThe number of square units needed to cover a surface
A Part of a line
Points that lie on the same line
A Ray that splits an angle into two congruent angles
Two non-collinear rays with a common endpoint
The unit used to measure angles
A Flat surface made of points