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Ch.5 Judaism & the Jewish People

Ch.5 p.170-187
Ideas of right and wrong
A leader who could rally the Israelites to defend their land; were often warriors or prophets; did not pass leadership to their descendants
A set of comments or recorded discussion about something
Sacred writings
A binding agreement
Acting or living in a way that is ethically right and obeys God's laws
First five books of the Hebrew Bible
Separation from one's homeland
Fairness or fair treatment
A text finished around AD 600; a collection of oral teachings and commentaries about the Hebrew Bible & Jewish law
Weekly day of rest/free from work on the seventh day of the week, usually Saturday
Having to do with a single person or thing
Communities of Jews living outside of their ancient homeland; Greek meaning scattering
A person believed to be chosen by God as a messenger to bring truth to the people
The belief that there is only one God
Order the creation of
Religious teacher
Meeting place
An order to do something
After a time
Decide against, turn away
The escape of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt