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Economics: Work and Prosperity

Review for Test 1, Chapters 1-3, p. 1

A person that owns a share of some business that produces goods, p. 35
Person who risks his investment of time and money in the management of an economic enterprise, p. 39
The worth that consumers attach to a good, p. 12
Command economy would be found in ____ controlled country, p.29
Economy directed by an "invisible hand," p. 23 & 43
Macroeconomics is a _____word for large; affected by large-scale choices and public policies
The difference in value of goods that a country sells abroad compared to those it purchases from other countries is ______balance, p. 18
Mechanism through which people exchange goods, p. 7
Used resources wisely to make gunpowder for President Jefferson, p. 40
Adam Smith stressed the importance of separating work into individualized tasks, an idea known as division of ___________, p. 22
A forklift that is used to transport imported goods within a warehouse is this kind of good, p. 34 & 11
The amount of a good that is bought at a certain price under certain conditions, p. 7
Economy that provides barely enough to keep a society alive, p. 34
Refers to the quantity of a good for sale at a certain price under certain conditions, p. 7
Private households and private businesses make the majority of the economic decisions in the free_____, p. 23
According to economists, the factors of production are ________. p. 28.
Founder of the Austrian school of economics, p. 14
The French phrase, often connected with economics, means "let things alone," p. 19.
Type of good, like a computer, that is used for personal home use, p. 11
The establishment of colonies to benefit a mother country, p. 18
An intangible item for which people expect to pay, p. 6
Diligent work directed by ingenious intelligence allowed to develop under conditions of freedom, p. 26
When a country finds ways to produce more goods from existing resources, the economy ______, p. 29
Economy directed by government, p. 29.
Economy directed by customs, heredity, caste and habits, p. 29
________ group of 18th century economists who believed the market should be guided by "the rule of nature" were called Physiocrats, p. 19
Study the specific components within a major economy, p. 6
State capitalism is a system in which the government controls most of the ______. p. 34
Wrote The Wealth of Nations, p. 21
Tax that governments apply only to imported goods, p. 18
Economic system which aimed to accumulate stockpiles of gold and silver, p. 18
Material items for which people expect to pay, p. 6
People who use goods, p. 8
Seeks to show the relationship among various components of a economy, p. 6.
People who use goods, p. 8