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Asian Culture

Many believe that neither beef nor _______ should be served to those who are ill.
Yin is considered ________.
One value is to never dishonor ________.
Among others, Western physicians are often consulted for problems involving ________.
"East Asians" include: Japanese, Korean, and ________.
Asian women are more likely to develop this pregnancy complication.
Opposite of Yin.
Since the wife/mother is in charge of the family kitchen, ______ changes should be discussed with her.
You should pay close attention to _______ language.
Asians have a higher risk of developing this eye disease.
Often confused as abuse in Western culture.
Alternative treatment used to relieve pain.
You should avoid this type of question.
The US state that is considered Asian.
Alternative treatment used to bring blood to the surface of the skin.
Western medicines (prescription, OTC) are considered _______.