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This attack brought US into war
This operation planned D-day
City in TN production site of a-bomb
Leader of Italy killed and hung up in streets
US president served 4 terms
Where Churchill, FDR, and Stalin met to discuss joining forces
Scientist who proposed using a-bomb
Appeases Hitler
German and allied troops fight in Belgium
Lightening war
Little Boy was dropped here
This project was development of a-bomb
Sent to Philippines to protect with troops
Says we have awoken a sleeping giant
Pact between Hitler and Chamberlain
Where US navy attacked Japanese navy destroying 4 carriers
Where Hitler wrote his autobiography
Night of the long _________
June 6, 1944
This invasion sparks WWII
Where Stalin sends his political enemies
Operation that used fake tanks as a decoy
One cause of WWII
Meaning of Mein kampf
Dday invasion of these beaches
Gets in trouble for slapping stressed soldier
German airforce
Has worlds best navy
Strong prime minister of Great Britain
City in Russia that Hitler invades
Mass killing of Jews
Nagasaki a-bomb
Aircraft that carried first a bomb
President who authorized a-bomb
What cripples FDR
Prime minister of Japan
What FDR cuts supply of to Japan