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Government and Economics

The organization that people set up to protect their community and to enforce its rules
Refers to how much of a good consumers are willing to buy.
Study of how individuals, businesses, and nations make things, buy things, spend money and save money.
A government by divine authority or controlled by religion, the ruler of the government is the head of the religion
System of government where people elect representatives to make laws
Graph that shows number of male on the left side and the number of females on the right side, with a vertical line through the middle, which each level divided by age group.
Economic system usually centered agriculture.
Blending of multiple economic systems.
Concerns governments, government policies, wars, and citizen's rights.
A large political unit or state usually under a single leader that controls many peoples or territories.
Economic System controlled by the Government
Study of population
A government by a sovereign or single ruler such as a king or a queen
Economic system in which people own their own goods and property.
Refers to how much of a good producers are willing to make and sell.
Sharing of Ideas, products, and diseases between cultures.
A government that aims to control all aspects of life including the political, economic, social, intellectual, and cultural lives of its citizens
Example of a command Economy.
Government by the people, decided by voting directly or electing representatives