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Non Action and Simple Past Verbs

Did you ______your glasses again
After spilling the milk we ______up the floor.
You ______me that you would keep looking for a job.
The child _____ with his mother.
To desire something you can't do without(food)
To know in your heart
I _______ some gin and didn't like it.
To desire something you don't need(alcohol) ,cigarettes
He _______ the boxes for me.
Sean and Ian _____the new Marvel movie.
When the tornado siren went off the children _______ down the stairs.
I ____ you a question.
To make a decision after comparing
The trees _______long before we moved here.
The boss ______ the new sales procedure.
I have ______you for a long time.
Did you hear that? It ________like a car accident.
They all _______ by 12/03/17.
The congregation _______for all of their friends and family
I dislike the word ________.