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Government Unit Vocabulary List 3

Teacher: Mrs. Conley
form of government in which political control is held by all the people either directly or through their elected representatives
support for or against something
the branch of government that carries out and enforces the laws
a part of the whole; a division
the system by which a country is ruled
a gathering of officials or representatives to draft a constitution
another word for the two bodies of Congress
a person selected to be part of a jury
to put on organized activities towards a goal such as running for political office
created from the Northwest Ordinance, the territory included the land that is now Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota
a proposed law in draft form
an agreement reached by a group as a whole
an agreement where both sides agree to give up something they want
the duty to do something as part of a job or role
taking part in civic activities that promote the common good, and/or becoming involved with the government of a town, city, state or nation in some way
the branch of government that has the power to make laws
the assignment of unique powers to each branch of government that none of the other branches may interfere with
a section of a written document
to give someone a role or duty
an introduction or introductory statement, such as to the United States Constitution
to make legal or give formal approval or consent to