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Merry Christmas, Baby

You've never worn a ____
***Our dogs could be described as ____***
Nothing like a ____. (Think date)
Hearing ____ freaks me out (3 words)
Make me this soup
***(Part B)***
How does anyone not like ____
I hate these (Eek!)
We tried to grow these (4 words)
How many kinds of peppers go in my chili?
***to ____ ____ women*** (part 2)
Lazy day scoring system
According to you, things never... (2 words)
I love watching ____ on my days off
Good street-find for heavy boxes
$5 box treasure
We both want to
I love/hate this game
More than anyone ever has, you make me ____
These are the only pens I like
What keeps my roasted chicken moist?
I played this when I was little (2 words)
When you walk by me, you almost always (3 words)
*** Or ***
***Men ____ ____*** (part 1)
It's so sweet you think about me....
I always need more....
I'm afraid of these
***You're getting ___***(Part A)