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Causes of US Civil War Vocab

Name ____________________________________
Territories had the right of popular sovereignty
Alexander Stephens warned of economic ruin if GA seceded; GA delegates voted in favor of secession – January 1861
Economy of the South depended on free slave labor; Northerners opposed slavery
All new northern states would be free and all new southern states would allow slavery
Dred Scott was a slave who lived in free territory & then moved back South; sued for his freedom; Supreme Court ruled against him that African Americans were not citizens; angered the North and divided the nation
Georgia congressman who called for the South to remain loyal to the Union and voted against secession
GA will remain in the Union & accept the Compromise of 1850 as long as the North complies with the Fugitive Slave Act
States’ right to declare certain laws invalid; states wanted to nullify the tariff of 1828
Many people, especially Southerners, felt that states, not the federal government, should have final authority