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Breast Cancer Education

At what age should women begin performing breast self examinations.
True or false. Bloody nipple discharge is a normal finding.
True or false. At the age of 40 women should begin to get mammograms.
Caner usually starts in the __________.
Most breast tumors are the abnormal growth of __________ cells.
________ risk factors are one's individuals can modify to decrease risk of breast cancer.
BSE should be performed before or after menstrual cycle?
____% of men are affected by breast cancer.
________ is the removal of a lump from the breast.
_______ women are more likely to develop breast cancer than African Americans.
In this type of breast cancer, it starts in the ducts and spreads to the nipple and areola.
________ is the removal of the breast.
_____ are inside of the lobes and contain milk ducts.
Breast cancer is always caused by a ______ abnormality.
In this stage, the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, organs, or brain.
1 in every ______ women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
_______ is a rare breast cancer where tumors proliferate in the breast's connective tissue.
What quadrant is the most common for breast tumors?
_______ uses sound waves to distinguish between solid and liquid filled masses.
Stage _____ is a non-invasive breast cancer.
________ is a x-ray of the breast used to detect lumps.
What is the only definite way to determine if an area is cancerous?
Breast are made up of _______ tissue.