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Social Studies Americas

Feasting and a gift-giving ceremony in northwestern native American culture
Bowl shaped area
Artificial island built by the Aztecs for farming
Incan system for payment or taxes with labor
Mountain range that runs along the western edge of south America
Channel that moves water over a long distance
Strip of level land cut in a slope that is planted with crops
Farming method in which trees and other plants on a plot of land are cut down and burned into ash and used for fertilizer
Symbol that stands for a word, idea or sound
Wall to hold back water
Record keeping device made of knotted strings used by the Incas
System for ranking members of a group according to their importance
Natural volcanic glass used to make very sharp blades and heads for spears and arrows
A home made by northeastern native Americans; formed by bending the trunks of young trees and tying them back together to make a round-framed covered with bark or red mats
Building for observing the sky
Portable cone shaped home made by native americans who lived on the plains
An Incan society – group of related families that pooled their resources to meet people’s needs
Colorful tropical bird
System of government in which the monarch has unlimited power over the government
Domed house made from blocks of snow by native Americans who lived in the artic
Rectangular type of home built by northeastern native Americans made from wood and bark or mats made of reeds
Object made by human beings
Period long period of extremely dry weather