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Christmas in Countries Around the World

Roller Skating to Church on Christmas Eve
Hiding of Brooms (to Keep Witches & Evil Spirits from Stealing them to Ride on, on Christmas Eve)
Giant Lantern Festival
Cavalcade of Lights
Yule Lads-13 Tricky Troll-Like Characters Who Come Out to Play
Krampus: St. Nicholas' Evil Accomplice
Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner
Yule Goat
Frosty the Snowman & Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Saint Nikolaus Day-On Dec. 6 Nikolaus Travels by Donkey in Middle of the Night and Leaves Treats in Shoes of Good Children
Christmas Holiday is Celebrated Camping and at the Beach. Children leave Santa, Beer & Pineapple Chunks
Children Set Off Firecrackers on Christmas Eve
Day of the Little Candles
Many People Paint their Houses and Hang New Curtains for Christmas