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Cell Discovery and Theory

Is the basic structural adn functional unit of all living things
Design his own microscope after he was inspired by a book written by Hooke
Cells that are defined as cells without a nucleus or other membrane-bound organelles
One of the functional ideas of modern biology
This type of microscope involves bringing teh charged up of a probe extremely close to the specimen
Cells that contain a nucleus and other organelles that are bound by membranes
Plasma ______
A ______ membrane is a special boundary that helps control what enter and leaves the cell
Robert Hooke, Anton van Leeuwehoek, Rudolph Virvhow
A distinct central organelle that contains teh cell's genetic material in the form of DNA
Algae and yeast are both ______ organisms.
A type of microscope that consists of a series of glass lenses adn uses visible light
______ have enabled scientist to study cells.
Made a simple microscope and looked at a piece of cork
The cells genetic material
Specialized structures that carry out specific cell functions
Most organism are made up of eukaryotic cells called _________.
Cells can be ____ material when parents pass cells down to their daughter cells.
Cells make of _____.
Type of microscope that was developed during World War II