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Honoring God

Belief in and worship of only one God.
Speaking, acting or thinking about God, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or the saints in a way that is irreverent mocking or offensive.
The world's greatest wireless internet connection.
Acknowledging God as our Savior, everything we need for Salvation.
The call to go beyond the minimum rules of life required by God. Striving for a life that ultimately leads to spiritual perfection with God.
Attributing to someone or something else a power that belongs to God alone.
An offense against God, an abuse of a person, place or thing dedicated to God & the worship of him,
In the Old Testament, the seventh day on which God chose to rest. For Catholics, it is Sunday, the day Jesus was raised ; the day set aside to worship God,
A solemn agreement between human beings or between God & a human being,
The Lord's Day
the belief in supernatural power that comes from a source other than God,
Faith, hope & charity
Buying or selling something spiritual, such as a grace, a relic or a Sacrament
Worship of gods and goddesses other than Yahweh.
A commitment to donate a tenth or some other percentage of our income to the Church & other charitable causes
Practicen of seeking power or knowledge through supernatural means apart from the one true God; a sin against the First Commandment
A group of gods & goddesses worshipped by a particular people or religion.
Abstinence, fasting...etc.
The sin of lying while under an oath to tell the truth,
Area of Christian faith having to do with the Last Judgment, the particular judgment, the resurrection of the body, Heaven,Hell & Purgatory
Speaking disrespectfully about something that is sacred or treating it with disrespect,
One who doesn't believe in the existence of God
The conscious and deliberate rejection of a dogma of the church.
Give respect or honor; shows deep reverence for something sacred
The quality of being holy, worthy of respect & reverence.